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The Most Basic Elements for Vitality

Health is a state of being as much as it is the measurement of how optimal are the functions of our body. Health is energy. With energy everything in life becomes real and possible, finding out the most optimal ways we can create energy is our quest.

We have over 75 trillion cells in our bodies every given time - these almost infinite number of powerhouses, are what keep us energized and alive. The quality of our cells will determine the quality of our health.

Here are 3 basic elements for cells to thrive:
- One: the most basic source of all energy, which is oxygen.
- Two: nutrients to fuel its functions.
- Three: the ability to eliminate one and two.

Dr. Alexis Carrel hypothesized and experimented way back in 1913 that cells could be kept alive indefinitely in petri dishes if these three basic needs were met in the proper medium and temperature. It is fascinating to think about the possibilities of where we're going with such ideas, and how science and technology is going to get us there.

The fastest way to create celullar energy? Take a deep breath! Every breath contains more air by weight than what is eaten at a typical meal, and we are taking thousands of breaths a day. The richest blood flow is in the lower lungs, when this area fails to be adequately ventilated with air, we end up under-oxygenated. You can be over eating because you are not taking enough deep diaphragmatic breaths!

Here is an important principle: for anything ingested, only two things can occur, it can be either assimilated or eliminated. All the rest are toxins in the system. If there are more toxins coming in then the body is able to eliminate, disease settles in. Going for a period of detoxification is part of healthy yearly lifestyle choice. A good period is in the fall when nature itself is clearing out.

The accumulation of toxins in our blood stream causes cells to die. Toxins that decrease oxygen and disturb the electrical field of the cell. Guaranteeing the elimination of toxins is a big avenue of energy. Since the body doesn’t have to figure out what to do with strange elements it has in its system.

We have four avenues for eliminating toxins: our biggest organ, the skin - keeping it clean from dead cells using a skin brush helps its ability of elimination. Then there are the lungs, bowels and urine track. All which are maintained through correct nutrition.

To provide the cells with the correct nourishment, a great part of our diet should consist of water rich foods. It is always smart to evaluate if what you are eating is gonna cleanse you or clog you. What foods which will provide you with electrolytes that dissolve in water, disassociate into positively and negatively charged ions, bringing electricity into the blood stream. Drinking spring water, eating good quality fats and animal foods, low-to-no sugary fruits and vegetables with good supplementation will make sure your body has all the nourishment it needs.

The human body is designed to develop and maintain itself through motion and the right structural support. When it is properly aligned, energy flows through it. Exercise can never be underestimated - the whole universe is in constant motion and so should we. Doing yoga, inversions, capoeira, dancing, lifting. Whatever. Just MOVE - it is one of life's musts. Anybody who is physically fit and moves a lot has vitality, you can see it in their eyes, their faces and their skin. What counts is action. Take a deep breath and start moving.